RGBW remote for MiLight / LimitlessLED / AppLamp Windows

  • Simple
  • Responsive
  • Disco mode
  • All default colors
  • Free

  • Version 1: Download ( Total downloads: 828 )

    Do I need to install the program?
    The program is executable-only, no need for installation.
  • Download the file
  • Extract
  • Run 'RGBW Remote.exe'
  • Do I need to have the font file in the same directory as the executable?
    Yes and no, if you want the application to look how it's supposed to, then yes. You could also install the font manually to remove the need for the font file.
  • Double-click on 'weblysleekuil.ttf'
  • On top-left press 'Install'
  • Once installation has completed, feel free to remove 'weblysleekuil.ttf' file
  • What bridge will this work with?
    This program was made to work with V5 bridge for RGBW. It will most-likely not work with anything else.
    Does this program have x/y feature?
    Currently there are all default colors, brightness adjusting and 'disco mode'. There is no support for groups nor timers. Check images for more info.

    Update (21.07.2019) - As LimitlessLED closed down a while ago and I am also stuck with new v6 hub that works completely differently I have decided to stop working on this any further. It will work fine with V5, but do not hope for any new features. In case you desperatly need something feel free to contact and ill see if I can add it, change it. Since v6 uses token system i will not be making app for it, sorry.

    Software developed by Imre Mamedov
    If you have any concerns or questions feel free to contact me at
    Email: imremamedov [AT] hot [DOT] ee
    Forum: CaTGC
    Steam: Link
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